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Call it your own! A state-of-the-art assessment platform now fully customizable as per your business needs and processess

White Label Career Assessment Platform

Our Recognitions:

Our career assessment setup is used by professional counseling centres, educational institutes, coaching and training centres, abroad education, 
e-learning portals and HR consultancies across India. 


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Our career assessment is as a benchmark in industry. Lead the league!

Customization based on your business processes and expected outcomes. You will be empowered to modify too!

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Accurate, Reliable and Validated
Quick Customizations 

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100% Branding

Why do enterprises need a platform?

What's in it for you?

  • Call It Your Own: Publicize your OWN brand name to your audience.
  • Advanced, scientific and fully automated assessment platform.
  • Instant generation of thousands of comprehensive reports at one time.
  • Multifunctional CRM to Manage profiles and reports.
  • Advanced functionalities and configurations to align with your existing process.‚Äč
  • Web and mobile responsive platform.
  • Online and offline assessment version for urban and rural reach.
  • Platform training and psychometric training for easy operations.
  • Create potential referrals as per your specified business.
  • and much more... 

 Why career counselling businesses love Edumilestones ?

Top Career Clusters

Find out most suitable career path among 150+ career paths and 3000+ ocuupations

Career Library of 150+ Career Paths

Multi-functional advanced CRM to manage reports, profiles, activations & more

Industry Leading Career Assessments 

(5th Std to Professionals) 

A one-stop solutions for all your career counselling business needs. We can help you with: